Registration & Coffee ☕️

Opening - Olga & Unn

Ways of Graphic Design-ing

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Designer, Exhibition Maker, Teacher, and Writer

How to run a design sprint without a panic attack

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Product designer at Facebook

Break ☕️

Building a new interaction grammar with XR input

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Senior Design Manager of 3D and Mixed Reality at Adobe

Disruptive Design: Harmful Patterns and Bad Practice

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Designer & accessibility expert

Lunch 🥗

Eye tracking the user experience – should you?

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UX designer at Tobii Eye Tracking

We Are Systems

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Senior Product Designer on Shopify

Fika 🍩

The Art and Science of Naming

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Senior UX Writer at Condé Nast

Designing for Transparency in Machine Learning

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Machine learning design researcher

Lightning talks ⚡️

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Break & free bar 🍻

Designing for 1.2 Billion People

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Designer at Duolingo

Bringing Personality Back To The Web

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Creative lead of Smashing Magazine

Closing - Olga & Unn

Mingle & 🍺