Here is a bunch of important information for all attendees of

Dates & venue takes place next week on the 6th of September at Nobelberget which is located at Sickla Industriväg 6, 131 34 Nacka.


If you haven't updated your ticket details yet, now is definitely the time to do so. Simply search your inbox for "Here's your ticket to" and follow the link. This is extra important if your an allergic or have special food preferences. 

Tuesday - Dinner with new friends

Have dinner together with five people you haven’t met before. Greatly inspired by The Conference (one of the loveliest conferences in Sweden) we have reserved tables at our favorite restaurants in town.

Register here and we’ll hook you up with five new people and let you know at what restaurant you should show up at. Dinner is on Tuesday and starts at 7 pm and is paid by you. (You can get a main course for around 300 SEK at all of these restaurants)

Wednesday - Registration

When you register you'll get a wristband which will give you access to the conference.

Wednesday Mingle  

On Wednesday we're hosting a mingle for all conference attendees and a few friends at Nobelberget. Our friend Johan Söderberg a.k.a. Video selector will play some nice tunes and drinks and dinner will be up for sale. 

Friday Party (Festen) 

On Friday, 8 Sep, we’re hosting a big party as an after party for both and Nordic.js and we have invited the entire Stockholm tech community. We would love if you invited your colleagues and friends to join us! Just ask them to sign up here. Everyone who's got a ticket to is already on the list to Festen but make sure to get there in time, when it's full, it's full.

Code In The Dark

We’ll organize the biggest Code in the dark event yet together with our friends at Tictail. The event will take place on the 8th of September at Festen, the after party for and Nordic.js.

Code in the Dark is a competition where front-end development meets smoke machines and lasers. Given a screenshot of a website, the contestants have 15 minutes to replicate it using HTML/CSS, without previewing the result.

The winner in each heat is decided by the audience. The competition continues until there's only one contestant left — the Champion of the Dark.

15 Minutes
No Previews
One champion

Apply to compete here.