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A place for design & great experiences will take place at Nobelberget, a new international venue for music, art and food – located just 10 minutes from the city centre.

Announced speakers

Dr Kate Stone
PhD exam in physics, University of Cambridge, and founder of the company Novalia


Bloomberg has predicted that Dr Kate Stone is going to shake up the world as we know it - in short, she's a game changer. 

With a degree in Electronics and a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University; she founded the award winning lab Novalia to explore the space where traditional print and conventional electronics converge, and has been living in that world ever since. 

Some people expect the future to look like the film Minority Report, but Dr Kate Stone believes the opposite - she wants to infuse our current analogue world with electronics so that everything looks like it always has.... except that it can come alive through interaction. Imagine a world where a teenager’s bedroom poster comes to life with the launch of a new album, or an LP that enables you to DJ from the actual record sleeve itself, or a notebook that actually plays musical notes? This is the world Dr Kate Stone is creating - by adding 'digital soul' to everyday flat surfaces that we take for granted, she is changing the world as we know it. 

Using her patented interactive print Dr Kate Stone is adding interaction and capacitive touch to everything from hats and mandalas through to packaging and books - and connecting them to the internet, she is creating a new frontier for traditional industries that we already know and love, and who until now have been locked out of the technology age.

Vicki Tan
Senior Product Designer at Headspace

The secrets data won't tell you

It’s become standard to lean on quantitative, experiment-driven design, especially when decisions must be made quickly and with very little time and resources. But this method often only reveals surface-level themes and not much about your users’ true intentions. In this Headspace onboarding case study, Vicki will walk you through how we learned to design using intuition, blending science and design research to create a solution that met our users’ needs.

Vicki Tan

Vicki is a Senior Product Designer at Headspace, creating experiences to guide new users towards a healthy meditation practice. Previously, she was at Lyft, optimizing the passenger ride experience, and at Google, designing tools for reducing bias and predicting outcomes. Prior to Google, Vicki was at Stanford's School of Medicine coordinating research studies in Pediatric Oncology. She holds a degree in Behavioral Psychology from the University of California, San Diego.

Noah Levin
Design Manager at Figma


Noah is the Design Manager at Figma. Before that he led the design team at ClassPass in NYC, and the iOS Search team at Google in Mountain View. He also spent some time teaching designers to code as an advisor at Framer, and building a digital assistant for Astronauts at NASA. He studied Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon and is a Pittsburgh native who’s convinced it’s the most underrated city in the world.

Chris Kimbell
Head of Design at Trello

Remotely Possible: What Trello is Learning about Distributed Work

Distributed collaboration is a foundational competency in modern teams. At Trello, the majority of the team works from home offices. Like many design and product teams we are not just creating a product, we’re simultaneously refining a process for making product. For us that means exploring better ways to collaborate on design as a distributed team. We’ve been exploring various collaboration exercises from design sprints to critiques to problem framing, but doing those all remotely. Chris will share insights and best practices for product and design professionals facing or considering similar challenges.

Chris Kimbell

Chris is Head of Design at Trello, part of Atlassian and has worked in and managed every flavor, size and configuration of team over the years.

Morgane Santos
Augmented Reality at Mapbox

From 2D to 3D: How Web Designers Can Get Started in AR/VR

AR/VR/3D design is becoming ever more relevant in tech, but making the transition from web/mobile design can be daunting - as I recently learned when I made the switch myself! In this talk I’ll cover what AR/VR/3D design actually is, what skills designers need to know (like 3D modeling, Unity development, and more), and how to learn them. You’ll walk away with a clear idea of how to develop all the skills you need to take part in this exciting field.

Morgane Santos

Morgane is an AR developer at Mapbox and an indie game designer. She loves making cool things with computers and has been logged on since the 90s.

Danger Dave
Artist at Cool Shit


Hungry Castle is the Internet in real life. They actively work to make Cool Shit playful, public, polarizing and pop. The goal of the fashion and art studio has always been to make big, playful things of cultural impact and use design thinking in a way that truly engages people. 

They're the creators of MR POOPIE - a giant inflatable poop emoji that makes icecream, LASER CAT - an epic cat that projects art through its laser beam eyes and LIONEL RICHIE'S HEAD - a giant inflatable sculpture of Lionel Richie's Head, just to name a few of their art pieces. Their work has been exhibited in New York, Miami Beach, London and Paris.

Meet like minded people in a creative environment and get inspired by industry leaders. You won’t be disappointed. If you’re going to a design conference in Sweden, this is it!

Jenny Granlund - Attendee 2017

500 designers

With over 500 designers and creatives descending to Stockholm for the event, and both structured and informal networking sessions provided, it’s a brilliant opportunity for you and your team to forge new professional contacts and make new friends.

Get inspired & learn is a single track conference with 10 talks per day by internationally renowned speakers as well as rising stars.

Are you interested in speaking at Or do you know someone that would give a really interesting talk? In both cases, don’t hesitate to send us a proposal or suggest a speaker.

Few conferences can boast both a cotton candy machine and rockband closing keynote. had all this and more. Was truly a delight to be a part of it all.

Carly Ayres

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